Friday, May 27, 2011

A Fun Day with Marilyn

Yesterday my BFF and Two Wacky Women business partner, Marilyn and I “had” to go shopping.  We started out by going to Robert Kaufman.  It had been quite sometime since we’d been there, too long if you ask me.  Since we no longer vend at quilt shows our buying has been greatly reduced and what we shop for has changed.  We don’t miss the vending but we do miss being able to shop and buy all the wonderful fabric that are available.  It wasn’t easy but we controlled ourselves and only order fabrics that have a long shelf life and that we consider basics for our retreats, polka dots, Kona cottons, etc. 

Ikea was next on the list.  I was looking for glass bottles and Marilyn was just looking (famous last words).  I didn’t find the bottles and Marilyn ended up doing more that just looking but we had fun.  Since I was in a fabric buying mood, look at my great buys that I got at Ikea, of all places.


This piece is 100% cotton and is 58” wide.  It’s a huge print (you’re seeing the entire width),  I bought it for a backing but it may just be too gorgeous to go on the back.  I absolutely  love it and it was only $5.99 a yard!



Another great one.  What you’re looking at is a piece 58” wide x 36”.  It’s cotton but it’s heavier than your average quilting weight cotton.  It sort of a light weight canvas.  Perfect for some new bag patterns I have in the works.


Last but not least, this gorgeous leaf print.  Again what your looking at is a piece 54” wide by 36”.  It too is a kind of a light weight canvas and is destined to end up as a bag of some sort.  There we many, many more but I managed to control myself by buying only these three but I can assure you I will be back in the new future to visit this “new” fabric store. 

And last but not least, lunch.  This time it was at:






  1. Let's see if blogger is happy today. Great buys yesterday for sure. Ikea, where else can you get fabulous surprises in fabric and a mixing bowl for 49 cents?

  2. I love the fabric at IKEA. I have one 2 hours away...good thing it's not too convenient to visit. I've used their fabrics for curtains, bags...such different and fantastic prints.

  3. Oh....I love Five Guys Cajun fries...ummm ummmm good.

    Your fabrics are just wonderful!


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