Saturday, May 7, 2011

Almost Ready for Market

I’m tired but the end is in sight.  I made 5 Wacky Shopping Bags for one of my show specials.  Buy 12 patterns and get a free sample for your shop (while supply lasts).


I love this fabric and I think it makes the perfect shopping bag, don’t you?

I committed to making a Letty’s Bag for Clothworks.  I had enough fabric to make 2, 1 for them and 1 for me.  I  made mine the slightly smaller version. 


They still need buttons and their bottom insert to help them hold their shape but they’re done.  By the way if you own a Letty’s Bag pattern and would like me to email you the supplement for the slightly smaller bag measurement just leave me a message and I’ll send it to you in a PDF. 

I still have to put binding on two quilts but that’s the last of the sewing. 

Tomorrow is my husband John’s Birthday and of course Mother’s Day so we have a boat load of people showing up for hamburgers and hot dogs.  Little do they know, they have to work for their dinner.  I still have a bunch of pattern folding, stuffing and sticker applying that needs to be accomplished.  Thank goodness they’re good sports and I know will be happy to help.




  1. I will be a little late for dinner tomorrow - see you on Monday!

  2. Pretty stinkin cute I say. If you have a shopping bag left over.... just saying....

  3. I sure wish I could be there to meet you and see your wonderful space. Happy Birthday to the hubby and Happy Mother's Day to you@


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