Saturday, October 9, 2010

I was featured on SewCalGal

What a trilled for me to be featured on SewCalGal’s Btog

Please take a few minutes to check it out here.   After you’ve read the great article about “ME”, spend some time checking out what else she has to offer.  She is leading the way in using the internet to promote quilting, reviewing products and featuring quilters and their websites. 

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with SewCalGal’s article but what’s a Blog post with out pictures?

IMG_2118 IMG_2119

This is the Two Wacky women booth at the Los Angeles County Quilters Guild Quilt Show that I’m vending at this weekend.

And, a pictures of a happy customer.

IMG_2120 See you all soon!




  1. Wow Robin, how cool is that! I love Darlene's blog. She really gave you a wonderful showcase!

  2. Robin...this is really cool. Proud of you!!!!!

  3. She did a great job on you too....

  4. Too funny. I feel so honored to be able to share insights about you on my blog. Have certainly had fun hearing feedback too!

    Wish I could come check out the LA County Quilter's Guild Show this weekend, and see your lovely booth. But just isn't working out with my schedule. Still, I love seeing photos of your display. Looks great!


  5. And you deserve all the compliments. I tell everyone that I'm part of your inner circle ;+)


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