Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Retreat

I thought I’d share with you a picture of all the happy retreaters from this last weekends Two Wacky Women Retreat. 


Of course all of our retreats have wonderful participants but for some reason this group was one of the very best we’ve had.  Thank you everyone for making the TWW retreat business such a success.

I was of course busy with lots of things but I managed to work on a few simple projects. 

Here is a “Beach Tote” that I made for a friend, Dina.  Needless to say, she is a huge Angel’s fan.  This is one of my patterns and can be found here.


My friend Rob has two of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen, Charlotte – 2 and Jackson – almost 4.  Recently, while cleaning out my sewing room I put some pillowcase kits together.  I was going to make them and give them away but when Rob saw the princess fabric she said Charlotte would love it so I made it for Char.  I certainly couldn’t leave Jack out so I dug around and came up this this darling animal print that I think he will love.


I’m sure you all know how to make pillowcases that are finished inside and out using the sausage method but just in case you have nothing better to do you can visit my YouTube video and see me in action.

You can also find the written instruction by visiting my website and clicking on tutorials.

Until next time…….



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  1. It was such a nice, relaxing wekend!!! Had a great time!


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