Monday, May 10, 2010

Patchwork Round Robin Border 6 – Border Bow

A while back I was asked to contribute a border to Patchwork Posse’s Round Robin.


I was more than happy to participate.  I hope you like what I came up with.  If you’d like a printable version, there is a PDF file available here

Round Robin – Border 6
5” x 42” (unfinished 5 ½” x 42 ½”)
Border Bows


1. You will need a total of 18 - 3” finished (3 ½” unfinished) four-patches. Each square of the four-patch starts out at as 2” square. There are many ways to make your four patches, pick the one that works best for you.BB!

2. You will need a total of 4 – 3” finished (3 ½” unfinished) three-patches. The squares start out as 2”squares and the rectangle is cut 2” x 3 ½”.

3. You will need 13 – 7” squares. Cut 11 of the squares on the diagonal twice.




4. Cut 2 of the 7” squares on the diagonal once.
5. You will need 40 – 1” cut squares.

6. Using 40 of the triangles cut in step 3, you will be adding a 1” square from step 5. Sew across on the diagonal as shown and then fold and press the 1” square, in half, towards the corner.

7. Using 18 four-patches from step 1 and 36 triangles from step 6. Make 18 of the following segments.

8. Using the 4 three-patches from step 2, 4 triangles from step 6 and 4 plain triangles from step 3. Make 4 of the following segments.

9. Assemble both borders using 9 segments from step 7 for each side. (Pretend the picture shows 9 segments)

10. Next add the ends from step 8. (Once again pretend the picture has 9 segments in the center.)

11. The last assembly step is to add a large plain triangle from step 4 to each end. Remember I’m only showing 4 four-patch segments but you will have 9 four patch segments and a three patch segment on each end.

12. The last step is to trim your border. For this graphic you will see my actual border and my very own ruler. The border is trimmed to 5 ½” unfinished. I trim one side at a time. First I marked my ruler (using blue painters tape) at the 2 ¾” (1/2 of 5 ½) line. I use the tape to line up the center of the four patches and then trim. Once I’ve trimmed one side I turn it around and trim the opposite side. (Sorry the picture is so dark.)

13. The borders will finish slightly longer than the 48 ½” need. Rather than just trimming your borders to that size, I would recommend measuring your quilt top and then trim your borders to the exact size you need.

A very special thank you to my friend, Jan Krueger, for the original inspiration for this border. I hope you’ve enjoyed making them along with me. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at I have an extensive line of patterns available at I also have a lot of fun writing my blog, , if you get a chance stop by for a visit and say hello.



A printable PDF version is available here.

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