Saturday, April 17, 2010

While My Husband’s Away – A Table Runner is Made

For those of you that know me, you know that when my Husband’s away on a golf outing, I use the time to clean my sewing room.  Why do I wait until he’s gone?  Well, first of all my room is usually a big mess and in order to clean it I end up with stuff spread all over the place.  John is very tolerant but not when it comes to me spreading my junk everywhere.  Plus, it gives me a definite timeline so that once I start I have to be finished before he returns.  It’s great motivation.

So, he left Wednesday morning and so I started.  I had piles everywhere.  A file of fabric to donate to my guild, a pile of batting pieces, a pile for the Goodwill, you get the idea, lots of piles everywhere.  By Friday morning (he was coming home Friday afternoon) I had all my piles disposed of, I could see the top of my cutting table, my sewing machine table was de-cluttered and I could even see the floor.  What to do? 

Well in the process of clearing off the top of a cabinet I realized it was a perfect place for my Accuquilt Go.  I had recently ordered the drunkards path die so I might as well cut something out.  I had some left over fabric from a Letty’s Bag I made so I decided to use it.  You can’t believe  how fast it was to cut out the blocks and because of the accuracy they were super easy to sew together.  Next thing I knew I had a table runner top made. 

Since my sewing area was clear (and I was on a roll) I decided to continue on by quilting it and Wa-La!, I have a new table runner for my dining room table.


It’s about 14” x 56” and the points are pretty darn close to perfect (giving proper credit to the “Go”).  All I have to do is finish sewing the binding down on the back and it’s ready for the table. 


Here’s the setup for my “Go” cutter.


I’m planning on using the Tumbler Block die to make a U.S. flag quilt sometime in the near future. 


P. S.  One more day for the Birthday Gift give-away.  Visit my “Happy Birthday to Me” Blog entry to enter.


  1. It looks great Robin, I have the drunkard's path die too but haven't used it yet.

  2. Very nice! It will be perfect on your table.

  3. Now thats really good I like it.. how cool to be able to just cut all the pieces out like that

  4. Happy belated birthday Robin...from what I've heard Marilyn and you had a great time on your lunch tour...I love the table runner you made, and I'm sooo jealous of you with a "go" I'm going to get me day, but won't be anytime soon, but I will get one as they look like fun, and would be so much more accurate like you say. Hugs Naomi


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