Sunday, March 28, 2010

Triangle Zippered Bag

Today my friend Rob called and asked if I knew how to make a zippered bag and she described what she wanted.  Well I said yes and I guess I sort of know how.  I make lots of zipper bags and I’ve seen what she’s was asking for so how hard can it be.  She’s coming over Wednesday so that I can show her how.  After I got off the phone I figured I better make one and figure it out.


I sent her a picture with my phone after I finished this and she says it’s exactly what she’s wanting to make.  So now that I’ve figured it out I’ve decided to write a tutorial to share with her and at the same time with all of you. 

I’ve started writing it and I’ve taken all the pictures but it will probably be tomorrow or the next day before I get it posted. 

BTW I’m trying to figure out a name for this little zippered bag, any suggestions? 




  1. Hi, Robin. Cute little bag! I made one like it. My zipper doesn't come all the way to the top, and I have a large button hole in that space above the zipper. (make sure the hole is closest to the handle, and when the zipper is closed, the zipper pull is at the bottom- away from the handle). I put yarn in the bag, then feed the yarn through the button hole. With the handle over my wrist, I can walk around and knit, with the yarn being fed through the hole. I first saw the idea at Sock Summit in Portland last summer. They were VERY popular. People were walking all over the place knitting socks with the yarn in these little bags. FUN!

    In case you're tempted to skip making the button hole and just leave an opening in the seam- that doesn't work so well because there is too much tension on the yarn. A hole lets the yarn feed freely.

  2. very cute bag, I LOVE the fabric you used, its so pretty.
    one can never have enough of these little bags.

  3. Nice little bag - I made some like this years ago and think I remember how but am looking forward to your tutorial.

    I also like Sue's idea of a bag to wear around your wrist with sock yarn in it. I think I will try to make one like that for my knitting friends.

  4. Really cute. I especially like the extra little tab of fabric to hold on to there. Nice.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial on the triangle zippered purse. I had made one before but forgot the process to insert the zip.


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