Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homemade Hand (Body) Lotion

A few days ago, Judy over at Patchwork Times blogged about making homemade hand lotion.  Well I decided I had to give it a try.  My husband uses a lot of cream on his legs and arms so he’s always looking for one that really works.  So I decided to give Judy’s “recipe” a try.  Well that sounded easy enough until I went to look for the ingredients, easier said than done.  So, keeping her recipe in mind I created my own. 

This was my first attempt.


2.5 fluid ounces of Vitamin E Oil, 13 ounces of petroleum jelly (the store brand was less expense than Vaseline Brand), 15 ounces of unscented babylotion.  when I started I had high hopes of being able to put it in the container on the left, NOT!

Well I dumped it all in a mixing bowl and whipped it all together with my electric hand mixture then my husband and I gave it a try.  It was good but way to greasy.  Although our skin absorbed most of it, it was a little much. 

So back to the store.

Instead of starting over, I bought another 15 ounces of unscented baby lotion to help dilute the petroleum jelly.

So now I had this.


This time I also added some vanilla scent that I had left over from my candle making days.  Again I whipped it all together with my mixer and we love the results.


See how fluffy it is.  It’s thick so there’s no way it will work in my squeeze bottle so I bought these little containers at the grocery store.  I was able to make five of them.


My husband and I have now both used it and we love it.  It leaves our skin nice and soft and seems to absorb fairly quickly.  I’ve used it on my hands, feet, arms and legs while my husband has tested it on his legs, arms and hands.

Here’s the final recipe:

2.5 oz. – Vitamin E Oil

13 oz. – Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly

2 – 15 oz. – Unscented Baby Lotion

1 tsp – Vanilla Scent/oil (not cooking vanilla)

I’ll definitely make this again once this is gone.




  1. What a great idea! Where do you find those scents?

  2. I am going to make this today. I emailed Judy and asked her if she used Vitamin E Oil or Vitamin E cream (like hand cream) She said that she used the cream but thought the oil would work but don't use as much because it might be to Oily. I love Vit E oil so that is what I'm going to try.



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