Monday, March 8, 2010

A Great Find!

Last week while teaching a workshop, several students shared with me a “Great Find”.  Thank you, Nicky.

The pattern they were making was “Devine Nine” which is one of my quilt patterns.  While making the blocks sometimes you are cutting through 9 layers of fabric, with seams.  I usually recommend using one of the large rotary cutters, the 60° one.  I was amazed that several of the students were able to cut through all the layers with very little difficulty using a medium size 45° rotary cutter. 

The secret? 

Carpet cutting blades!  Who knew?  They are the exact same size as the medium blades and fit perfectly, and guess what?  They’re way cheaper and sharper.  If you live near a Harbor Freight store, they have them.  A package of two cost, drum roll please……………….….$1.49. 

IMG_1301 IMG_1302

Sssshhhh! Don’t tell anyone, they’ll raise the price.

Enjoy and happy shopping!



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