Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Handwork

My youngest granddaughter, Emily, is in High School and is very active in sports.  She’s the goalie for her high school soccer team, goalie for her club soccer team, a cross country runner, a distance runner on the track and field team and now she’s added triple jump to her activities of choice.  Since I’m the designated “fan in the stands” (her parents work so are unable to attend the afterschool events), I spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for her to compete. 
This last weekend I found a great handwork project to take along with me as I sit and wait.  My friend Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli has an extensive line of patterns and books (I’ve made many of them in the past) but this one looks like the perfect project for me.  You can visit Jane’s website here.  
The blocks can be made either by embroidering the designs or you could appliqué the designs.  Jane actually has done both but the embroidery is what I want to do.
Instead of hand drawings, the pattern is a set of templates.  So you have lots of options on how you use them.  I’m thinking I’ll use them to quilt some of the designs in the border when the time comes.
Jane uses a marking pencil to mark her designs but I decided this was a perfect use of my Quilt Pounce.  Regular powder would obviously rub off but I have the one that doesn’t wear off until you apply an iron to it.  It perfect for what I’m doing.
Here’s my blocks all pounced and ready to go.  The floss is primary colors from Presencia.  Yesterday I started the sombrero while at Emily’s track and field meet.  BTW, she won both her races and it’s “better luck next time” for the triple jump. 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Reminds me a bit of the African folk lore embroidery. I know you'll do a smashing job of it.

  2. What wonderful designs. I love everything all her patterns and this one is especially wonderful.


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