Monday, May 25, 2009

Machine Quilting Retreat

I just got back from spending a wonderful weekend facilitating a machine quilting retreat with Frances Moore. This group picture was taken right after lunch on Saturday before we were all too tired to smile. That's me in the front in orange (without a name tag), Frances is standing in the center with the sweater on, and my Two Wacky Women partner Marilyn (in a black shirt) is standing to Frances' right.

The weekend was packed full of learning how to machine quilt on a home sewing machine while learning lots of different designs. Frances talked about thread, needles and picking a design. She took us from doing simple curves to flowers and feathers by Sunday. She stressed how important it is to practice and suggested machine quilting at least 15 minutes everyday. I'm planning on making a real effort to do just that.

I'll post pictures of my machine quilting attempts a little later.

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