Monday, May 11, 2009

Loyalty Card Wallet

I made this little "Loyalty Card Wallet" a while back but I never got around to sharing it. Now that I've made a purse to match, I wanted to show you how cute this little wallet is. I used a pattern that I found on A Spoonful of Sugar Blog. This sure beats the stack of cards with a rubber band around it that I used before. Thank you Lisa for the great tutorial. Here it is closed. Isn't it cute?

Here it is open but empty :(
Here it is, all filled up and ready to go. Notice it even has a Starbucks gift card right in front :)


  1. Very stylish Robin! I wish they had Starbucks here - we always enjoy it when we go on Holidays.

  2. A very clever creation, love it. I need to make one of these.


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