Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Susan Chandler's Magical Kids Play

Last fall I was invited to speak and teach at two guilds along the beautiful Central Coast of California. It was was so much fun visiting with each of the guilds and teaching a combined workshop.

This was the pattern that was planned for the workshop.

A few of the members choose to make "Magical Kids Play".

The workshop project was my pattern, Magical Slice and Dice. Most of the students made a Magical Slice and Dice but a few wanted to make something smaller, so for those guild members I gave them Magical Kids Play to make instead. We had a wonderful full day of sewing, chatting and just having a great time.
Susan Chandler is a very active member in both guilds as well as several others in the area. Susan joined me and several other guild members for dinner in Morro Bay and then following dinner strolled with me and told me a lot about the area. It was a delight to spend time with her. A few days ago she sent me an email and included pictures of a couple of the quilts she made using my Magical Kids Play pattern. According to Susan, they will be in the 7 sisters quilt show April 25 & 26 in San Luis Obispo, California.

This one is made with wine fabric. Great job Susan!

Both of these are made using a kid's train fabric. Very Cute.

If you'd like me to visit your guild email me robin@twowackywomen.com .

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