Friday, March 6, 2009

Steam vs. no Steam

There are few things more controversial in quilting than steam vs. no steam. Oh sure, quilters argue about a lot of things like wash vs. no wash or starch vs. no starch but for now I'll just stick with the steam vs. no steam issue.

For the record I, steam, starch and I don't pre-wash. In fact I LOVE steam. My dream is to at some point get an iron with a steam tank, but in the mean time I have a Rowenta iron that does a terrific job, I love it. It has a nice large water reservoir but you still have to fill the darn thing more often than I'd like.
While visiting a restaurant supply store I came across plastic squeeze bottles. They had a variety of sizes but when I saw this huge 32 oz. big mama, I knew I was on to something. For the grand total of $2.10 my big mama squeeze bottle came home with me. It's now filled with water, sitting next to my iron, just waiting to be used.
I love it!

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  1. I keep meaning to do this (have a water holder nearby the iron), but I always forget. I remember when have to stop and go into the kitchen to get more water.


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