Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back to Sewing

Today was a great day. After doing some laundry and getting some grocery shopping done, I finally had time to sit down and sew.

This is a quilt top I started a long time ago. In fact I really don't remember what I intended to do with the blocks originally but a while back Marilyn showed me a picture of a quilt she wanted me to design and write a pattern for. It turned out to not be exactly what she showed me but something similar with the same feel. I went home that night and found the blocks. I have a unique way of assembling them so that they end up on point. I had the center completed a few months ago but I finally added the 4 borders today and here are the results.

This is a quilt I intend to pattern and may in fact be the first quilt for a book Marilyn and I have talked about. So for now I won't publish a pattern but will write the instruction and hold on to it.

My sister Melinda Fulkerson (melinful@comcast.net) is a wonderful long arm quilter so I've asked her to quilt this one for me. I usually just use my really old handiquilter and do some loopty loops or overall meander but I think this one needs some special attention. I'll post another picture of the quilt once it's quilted and I get it back.

I now have to work on getting borders on a Magical Slice and Dice quilt so that it can be quilted and ready to be shown in January. Once it's done, I'll give you a sneak peek.

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