Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Love “Pickles”

No, not the kind you eat (although I like them just fine) I mean the comic strip “Pickles”.  Did you know there’s even a Facebook page for “Pickles”.  You can find it here.  Not only do I read the comic strip each morning on Facebook but I then read it again in my local newspaper.  They just crack me up and yes, many times I can relate to what they are up to. 

When I saw that there is “Pickles” fabric I had to suspend my “no fabric buying” commitment.  So this week in my stash report you will see a + 1 2/3 yards.  But it’s worth it. Here’s the two pieces of fabric. 


And close-ups. 



I have not idea what I’m going to make with it.  Any suggestions?




  1. I have no idea, but it is awfully cute.

  2. A throw blanket for the living room couch...only thing I can think of.

  3. Saw your blog post via Facebook "Official "Pickles" comic page". I also love this line and have some to sew up. There's a wall hanging pattern on the Timeless Treasures website. The design includes spool blocks for a border. Very cute and an opportunity for more color! Go to I know this suggestion might involve more fabric, but you might find more of the line still available online--Do a search for Material Girl by Brian Crane. There was matching polka dot to coordinate I have also seen the panel cut up and used for pockets on a bag, maybe using the other fabric for a lining. Good Luck!


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