Friday, May 3, 2013

A Day of Shopping and Assembly

Today my BFF Marilyn and I went shopping.  Silly us, we both need new winter bathrobes so we decided to go shopping.  Well needles to say we are well on our way to summer so there was not a single winter robe in the stores, much less in the style we were both looking for.  I did manage to find a new summer robe, complete with zipper down the front so all was not lost. 

Although robes were our primary mission we “needed” to go to Ikea also.  Marilyn bought a few things but look what I got.


It’s a rolling cart that I’m going to use in my sewing room.  It reminds me of the cart hair stylist use to keep all their supplies in.  I think it will be perfect to contain a lot of the little things that are laying all over my room.  It took a while to get it assembled, so hopefully tomorrow I can start filling it up.  Have I mentioned lately, I love Ikea. 




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  2. I love that cart and have had my eye on that for a while...think it came in a bright green too. I was waiting and hoping for RED.

  3. It turned out good. Have you filled it yet?

  4. If your room is like'll need another one.

  5. I had seen another quilter using that exact cart but she never said where it came from. Thank you for letting us know it was found at IKEA. Have you got any more info about that cart though, as in what they call it so I can see if it is shown online and in stock at the local IKEA by me? "local" is very loosly used given the 'local' IKEA to me is 1 1/2 hrs away which is why I would love to be able to check before driving that far.

    Thank you so much.


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