Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easily Distracted

I am so easily distracted that it’s almost embarrassing, not quite but almost. 

I’m suppose to be sewing together my green and pink half square triangle quilt. 


I started doing it, really I did.


See, there they are partially sewn together.  Instead I decided to make just 1 house block.  That was yesterday and so far I’ve made 6 of them.


What can I say………I guess I get bored easily.  I really am going to get back to sewing the half-square triangles together but in between I think I’ll continue making houses. 

After some self analysis I’ve decided there are certain processes that I like more than others.  I really enjoy laying out each of the blocks on a design board, stacking up a few boards and then sitting down and sewing them together.  It’s a similar process to when I made all the Great Granny blocks and the In and Out blocks, what can I say, I just really like it.

So I will continue to make house blocks but at the same time go back to finishing up the half-square triangle quilt. 




  1. I am sound like me. I hope and skip from one project to another when I should be working on a certain one....

  2. The houses really are addictive, aren't they.


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