Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What’s been bugging me!

Have you ever had something that bugs you but you don’t do anything about it?  You know one of those little things not really important just a little thing that bugs you.  Well this one has bugged me for years.

I have a wonderful sewing table made by Koala.  I love it.  But it has always had one issue that bugged me.  It came with a clear acrylic insert made to fit my Pfaff.  You would think being clear would be a good thing but it really didn’t work for me.  The glare and the color underneath made it sometimes difficult for me to focus on lining up and feeding the fabric though accurately.  I would fix it by either laying a piece of paper underneath or laying a piece of fabric under there. 

Finally I thought, Why not paint the underside of the insert.  Since I couldn’t decide what color to paint it, I finally decided to simply frost the acrylic by painting it with frosted paint and it worked beautifully. 

I forgot to take a before picture but here is an after.


I love it and it was such an easy fix. 

I have the same problem with the inserts for my SewEzi table.  No problem, I have a spray can of frosted paint that will fix it. 




  1. I love it when things that I thot would be challenging to do, or fix, become things that were so easy! Makes me feel silly about my previous feelings of doubt or inadequacy or "I can't fix this by myself!" I learn from you, Robin. Keep up the good work!


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