Friday, June 22, 2012

Backyard Fun


I may have the smallest backyard in the history of backyards.  If you take a couple of big steps out the back door you fall in to the pool.  Along the block wall at the back of the yard we used to have what we called the “green monster”.  I’m not sure what kind of plant it was but over the years it took over the entire neighborhood.  Although it didn’t start in our yard it had been there for many, many years.  When we had our decking redone we new (or at least hoped that it would kill the “green monster” and sure enough it did.  Thank goodness we have a wonderful gardener that has an able bodied son and son-in-law who came in and removed the dead “monster” and repaired the block wall. 


Here’s a picture of the before.

And, here’s a picture after the “green monster” was removed.


After staring at it for a while I decided that it needed to be painted.  After a search for someone to hire we found just the right person.  She’s the only one that said we first need to stain the blocks and then paint on top of that.


Just the simple step of staining made a huge difference but then she started painting.  She knew I was a quilted and that I love whimsical.  All I can say is, she definitely understood my vision.


That just left one problem and that was what to do along the bottom of the block wall.  Although there’s a little dirt, it’s mostly cement so it’s impossible to plant anything. 

Finally this week, Emily and I bought plants, pots and solar lights and I just love it.



I love it and hopefully I can keep everything alive until a big family party in just a few weeks.

Now it’s back to sewing and quilting.



  1. I also love it! Now, I want to see those lights at night!

  2. I love it too. Very cute.

    And, I truly love your backyard!


  3. It looks great - glad the green monster is gone. I always thought it would eat one of the kids if we didn't keep an eye on it. I bet the lights look great!


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