Thursday, February 16, 2012

Progress Report on my Free-Motion Quilting

I’m participating in SewCalGal’s free-motion quilting challenge.  Last month we started with Frances Moore’s leaf design.  I did pretty good with that one but this month we’re doing feathers with Diane Gardynski’s.  Oh my!  Feathers!  I know the answer to beautiful feathers is practice, and I have been, but they have been so bad I didn’t want to share.  This one is far from perfect but I do believe I’m getting better. 


So I’m going to continue to practice and I really need work on echo quilting but it’s getting better. 




  1. I think your feathers are really looking good. I'm sure with more practice they will be awesome. I need to get busy practicing!!

  2. Wow. This looks great. I need to work on my echo quilting too. For some reason it is difficult to be consistently even, but yet I still like the effect. I too just need more practice.


  3. I think your feather design is fantastic! I'd be thrilled if I came even close to being that good.

  4. Looking good! I also need to work on my echoes! The stippling adds a nice contrast too. :)

  5. Yep...practice makes perfect! Looks great!


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