Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making a Quilt(s) – Chapter 4

I forgot to mention earlier that as part of the planning stage and the cutting up of lots of paper, I actually do use a real quilt designing tool EQ6.  So not only do I make the blocks in paper I also make the blocks and quilt top in EQ6.  For this particular quilt, the paper works the best, although most of my other quilt patterns where designed almost entirely using the software. 

So now on to making the “real deal” a quilt.  Oh yeah, before we go there I wanted to let you know that this quilt pattern has morphed from a Five – 1 yards cut quilt to become “Five Ten Twenty”.  As it turns out this quilt works equally well with Five – 1 yard cuts, Ten – 1/2 yard cuts or Twenty – fat quarters. 

So here we go.  Here are the fabrics that have been chosen.







As you can see, each of them are very different and will result in a very different  looking quilt, however each will be made exactly the same way.

I’ve finished the Five and Twenty quilt tops and they are going to the my friend Sue to quilt on her long arm.  In fact I’m delivering them today.

Here they are all ready to go.  The quilt is on the top and then you can see the backing fabric underneath.  BTW both the backing fabrics are wonderful Alexander Henry fabrics (I love Alexander Henry).

Five – Quilt Top and Backing Fabric


Twenty – Quilt Top and Backing Fabric


The Ten quilt top is being made by Marilyn. 

Sorry you just get a glimpse of the quilt tops for now, after I get them back and put the binding on, I’ll share pictures of the completed quilts.

But for now the real work begins.  I’ve taken lots of notes, I’ve made two very different looking quilts so now it’s time to buckle down and write the pattern and make the illustrations.  I have two volunteers lined up to test the pattern, my friend Linda and my sister Melinda.  Both of them have tested patterns for me in the past and I know will do a wonderful job. 

Chapter 5 is probably a ways off so in the mean time I’ll find some other things to Blog about.  Two Wacky Women are vending at a quilt show this weekend and we have a retreat the following week, it’s a busy time.

Thanks for tagging along.  BTW you should be able to click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.




  1. It looks pretty interesting from the preview photos.

  2. Robin,
    Looks really good and I'm waiting on pins and needles to see the finished quilts! Boy, you DO know how to keep us in suspense!

  3. Insightful post. I too love EQ6!



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