Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colette’s “Letty’s Bag”

I love when friends and customers send me pictures of they’re finished projects made from one of my patterns.  Last week I received this note.

I finally got the pictures taken.  Let's see if this works you know I am not good with this! 
I was looking on the website and my bag doesn't stand a chance against the ones there.  They are really beautiful.
Hope all is well,

Colette Copland

I totally disagree Colette, you bag turned out just as beautiful as any. 

I first met Colette about 10 years ago when we both went on a bus tour/trip to Paducah.  Several years later we ran in to each other at a Southern California Quilt Guild Association meeting.  Since then we see each other a couple of times a year at quilt shows and retreat.

Thanks for sharing.



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  1. Hi Robin -

    Love Colette's bag. But I wanted to comment on your new heading on top of your blog. Very neat! I love seeing what you are up to.



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