Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Week - Another Sample

As many of you know my life seems to consist of one quilt sample after another. The good news is the sample's sell patterns and kits. The bad news is that once we've sold all the kits, it's time to make another sample. This week I am making a new "Magnolia Lane" quilt sample. The last two samples I made are sold out but fortunately we were able to order more of the fabric used in the original "Magnolia Lane" so I get to take it out of retirement and show it again. Here's a picture of the original one.

How it's time to start my forth sample. I am using the following fabrics.

Looks pretty fun doesn't it? This fabric is Wildwood for Free Spirit, Westminster Fibers, Sophie's Garden. The fabric is cut out and hopefully I'll start sewing on it later today. This kit is available now and the original Magnolia Lane will be available shortly. Just email me if your interested.

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