Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis

For those of you that know my daughter, Shelli, you already know that she is a HUGE Elvis fan.  I’ve told you in the past about her addiction to “I Love Lucy” but trust me, she is just as passionate about Elvis. 

I few years ago I made her this quilt for her birthday. 

Elvis 2 

I always tell people that I love “quilt shop” quality fabric but sometimes you have to make an exception.  At the time I made this quilt the only place I could find this fabric was at good old Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart fabric or not it turned out to be a terrific quilt that she dearly loves.  Check out the borders, I out did myself.  Although it looks like a striped border it is actually 9 small borders, 4 colors plus a narrow black border between each color. 

There is a local Mexican Restaurant call Azteca also know as “The Elvis Bar”.  You just have to check out their website, you’ve never seen so much Elvis memorabilia, better yet if you live or are visiting Southern California you have to go and see for yourself.  For Shelli’s birthday this year she decided she wanted to celebrate it with not only her family but also Elvis.  Here’s a picture of her on her birthday with her beloved Elvis.

Shelli and Elvis If your wondering what’s on his head, her birthday was last month and he was celebrating Cinco de Mayo as well as Shelli’s birthday.


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  1. Great story Robin. We need to get over to Elvis' place again for lunch soon.


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