Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sassy Scrappy Log Cabin

I’ve been working on my “Sassy Scrappy Log Cabin” quilt.  I’m slowly building it 1/4 of the quilt at a time.  The top half is sewn together and as of yesterday the bottom left quadrant is done. 


It is definitely starting to take shape. 

The 4th quadrant blocks are ready to be sewn.  I don’t love pinning but in this case I find it necessary.  Here’s a stack all pinned and ready for the sewing machine.


That’s a lot of pins but it’s easier to pin a bunch of blocks while sitting on the couch watching TV than pinning one at a time as I sew. 

I think I’ll probably end up adding an additional row to the top and bottom but for now I need to get the blocks sewn and pressed.




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