Monday, April 24, 2017

Design Wall Monday–April 24, 2017

I’m back to plugging along on my Scrappy Sassy Log Cabin quilt.  I am working in quadrants.  So far the top half is done.  Now I’m back to making more blocks and assembling the bottom left section. I’m really starting to like it and it’s fun to make. 


As a reminder, this is what the planned layout is.

Scrappy Sassy Log Cabin

As I get closer I’ll decide if I want to add borders or possibly another row at the top and bottom to make it a rectangle instead of a square.  Time will tell.

In the mean time, why not check out what others have on their design wall.  Head on over to Judy’s blog.




  1. I have always loved log cabins, and really like the twist this one has.

  2. Love what is on your design wall.


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