Monday, September 7, 2015

Design Wall Monday–September 7, 2015

This just came off my design wall and is now on to my front door. 

Apple Quilt

Many of you already know that I just about always have a small quilt hanging on my front door.  I love to be able to change them regularly, whenever I get the urge.  Since they are all small, they are do-able in a short time, not too overwhelming to quilt and a fun way to try different technics and patterns.

Saturday morning I was perusing Facebook and saw that a friend Lyn Brown had posted a link to an apple table runner.  The moment I saw it I knew it was the inspiration for a September/back-to-school front door quilt.  Mine is different than the table runner but it is clearly inspired by it.  I made a big piece of patchwork using 2 1/2” red squares.  I then drew an apple shape on freezer paper and cut it out.  After ironing the freezer paper to the front of my “made” fabric and cutting it out, I used a glue stick to hold it in place while I appliqued it to the background. I added the stem and leaf to hopefully have it look more like an apple.  Once that was done I layered and quilted it.  Here’s a close up of the quilting before I added the binding.  Very simple but I like it.

Apple Quilt quilting

Here is a close up photo of the binding.  I love using the Faux piping technique.  I think it looks terrific, adds a splash of color out at the edge and is simple and easy to do.  There are lots of tutorials out there showing you how to do it but if you’d like to try my way, follow the link right over there on the right.


OK that picture may be way to close a look (it looks much much better from just a little distance) but you get the idea.  I love this technic and use it all the time.

Now it’s time to get back to what I’m suppose to be doing but it was a fun little project for the weekend.

To see what others are up to, check out Judy’s Patchwork Time blog.




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