Thursday, July 2, 2015

What? Another Skirt? #7 and still counting…….

I’m just loving these and still have several in the pipeline. 

I received a funny comment from Jan Macy asking me if I had to buy new hangers.  Sure enough, I did…….but not enough.  Guess I’ll have to go back and buy a few more before this is over. 

This skirt is a little different.  Same pattern and again added pockets but it’s made out of a Rayon Batik and is nice and flowy (is that a word?).  I purchased the fabric at Fabric Depot in Portland and at the time my DIL Maureen said it’s my dressy skirt.  LOL!

So here it is, my dressy skirt made out of flowy Rayon Batik.

BW Rayon Batik



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  1. Ok, I've scrolled back to the first skirt you made and then back up to this most recent one. I haven't found any info about the pattern. I would love to have a few skirts and this looks like a nice pattern... some gathers but not too many. The waist band looks like it has a bit of elastic but not tons. (although truth be told I might need a ton of elastic...) So, share the good news. What pattern are you using? (Hopefully not one you've had for years and is no longer available!) All the skirts look great. My favorite is the blue and white one. Plus, I can just imagine how nice this one shown above feels. Thanks for sharing all these great skirts.


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