Monday, October 13, 2014

Design Wall Monday–October 12, 2014

I put this up on my design wall for the photograph but it immediately came down so I can continue working on it.  A new hand project (just what I need).  Actually this is a very old hand project that I got several years ago but never got around to starting.  It’s a Sashiko Kit by Sylvia Pippen Designs. 

While at the the local LA County Quilters Guild quilt show I saw the vendor that I had purchased this from some time ago.  He was doing a little demo so it inspired me to come home, dig it out and start it.  I have a pretty short attention span so we’ll see how long it lasts. 


You can see I’ve barely started.  I think I have all of 12 stitches completed.  Oh well, at least it’s started and not still in the original packaging.

To see what others are working on, check out Judy’s Patchwork Times blog.



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  1. Hey, nothing wrong with aging some quilt projects. It adds to the finished quilt. (And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!) But I do feel it is ok to put something away and revisit it later. I'm spending much of my time this year doing just that


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