Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My “Peeps”

Everyone needs “Peeps” and I am very blessed to have a wonderful group of “Peeps” and we’re known as the “Wednesday Wacko’s”.  We’ve been together for a bunch of years and we meet just about every Wednesday.  The first Wednesday of the month we have dinner out.  Tonight was our February dinner. 


This was our annual Christmas picture.  Rob (in the front row center) is our baby Wacko and she is moving to Missouri later this month.  Sad smileHer entire family is here in Southern California so we know she’ll be back on a regular basis but it’s still sad.   She made each of us a going away gift. 


Isn’t that just about the cutest wine glass? 

Thank you Rob………..I already miss you.



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  1. Oh no! Rob is leaving for Missouri? Hopefully she will be able to quickly find good friends like she has in California. What an adventure it will be for her family. Wishing her well!


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