Sunday, August 24, 2008

Magical Slice and Dice Class

Yesterday was day two of a Magical Slice and Dice class that I taught at Bear's Quilt Shop in Garden Grove, CA. Here are some of the quilts and closeups from the class.

First up, Marie Kinlan with her whimsical guild that she made for her grandson.
When you look at the closeup photos you can see how cute and different the blocks turned out.

Marie used a bright lime green for the sashing and a dark blue dot for the set in triangles. Her grandson is a very lucky little boy.

Here is a picture of Linda Vandiver's quit top. Linda was a little camera shy but her quilt was more than willing to pose.

Linda used a wonderful Asian floral that was a coordinating fabric to a fabric I used for one of my Magical Slice and Dice quilts. I used a very dark purple in my sashing and Linda chose a beautiful textured neutral that let the blocks just jump out at you. It was a great choice. Once again, see how different her blocks look. Her is Tami Dunham with her completed quilt top. Tami sews like I do, put the petal to the medal, full speed ahead. It's difficult to see in the photo but the fabric is a very deep blue and silver. It's a gorgeous piece of fabric but I was a little concerned that since it only had two distinct colors that she might not get enough variety.

Boy was I wrong. Check out how different the blocks look. This turned out to be a very beautiful and elegant guilt.

If you interested in purchasing the Magical Slice and Dice pattern you can visit the Two Wacky Women website.

I would love to visit your guild to speak and teach a workshop. Please contact me for additional information or if you'd like me to teach at your quilt shop.

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