Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day of Making Pillowcases

On Wednesday my granddaughter and I met my friends Marilyn and Rob for a little shopping and then lunch. They were looking for Amy Butler fabric and I wasn't looking for a darn thing. Well you guessed it, I think I was the one that bought the most fabric. We went to Tall Mouse, a local craft store similar to Michael's. Unlike Michael's they carry a large selection of quilting fabric that rivals many of the local quilt shops. They especially have a nice selection of novelty fabrics. My granddaughter and I decided we needed new pillowcases for our beds so yesterday we made pillowcases using the fabric (and some from my stash) to make a few.

This is my pillowcase. Can you tell I love Mexican food? Check out the tortilla chips to go with the enchiladas, burritos and chimichungas.

My husband John is a huge coffee lover so of course his pillow case if made from coffee bean fabric.

While we were on a roll, Emily made a cute pillowcase for her friend Stephanie.
Last but certainly not least is Emily's pillowcase. She is a soccer player as well as a cross country runner. We found this perfect fabric for her new pillowcase.

If you'd like to make your own pillowcases, here's the instructions for my version:

Wacky Pillowcase

Main Piece 27” x WOF (3/4 Yard)
Border Piece 9” x WOF (1/4 Yard)
Accent Strip 3” x WOF (1/8 Yard)

1. Lay 9” border piece face up on table.
2. Press the 3” trim piece in half the long way and lay folded piece on top of the border piece.
3. Lay main piece of pillowcase face down – lined up with border piece. All the raw edges all three pieces should line up on the top edge.
4. Roll the main fabric from the bottom up and then fold the border piece up to the top (creating a tube) then pin all the raw edges together.
5. Stitch along the edge then turn inside out. You have a finished edge with all the stitching on the inside.

Finish the side with either a French seam or surge the edges together.

Congratulations, you have a beautifully finished pillowcase.



  1. can you tell me if the inside shows the raw edges or if you have the border fabric showing inside too? i saw a finished pillowcase that was similar to this but it was really nice on the inside opening. TIA

  2. Hi Robin,
    I want to tell you I have made many many sets of pillow cases using this cute pattern and my pillowcases are so popular people are begging me to make sets for them. Today is July 3, 2010 and I ma home this morning sitting at my cutting board getting ready to make another pair pillowcases for my niece. Thanks for making this pattern so easy to read and understand. I got one little tiny question, for those ladies that are just learning to sew could you maybe change the (WOF)abbreviation to the actual words.Several people have called me and have asked that WOF means.Still they love your pattern. Well I am off to do some sewing, have a great weekend.

    a fan from Ga.

  3. I love your pillow cases. I'm trying them today. Xmas gifts. Thank you so much.



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