Sunday, January 27, 2008

astrud - Magical Slice and Dice

Finished Quilt Top

I have no idea where the name astrud comes from, but that's the name on the bolt of fabric. It's not capitalized but all small letters. If you have know what it means, please let me know. In any event, I finished the top today, so it's ready to be quilted. I normally quilt my own samples either on my Handiquilter or on my friend Terri's longarm "Tilly". This quilt is larger than I can comfortably do on my Handiquilter so I think I may send it to Dean Lund and have him quilt it for me.

Close up of some of the blocks

If your interested in the kit to make this quilt, please email me at and I'll send you the information.

Now I'm off to find backing and resume working on another sample.

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  1. Beautiful Quilt Robin!! Another sloanie waving!! You are really an artist, Hugs, Mary B Don't you just love this blogging thing, I am addicted!!


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