Monday, October 23, 2017

Design Wall Monday–October 23, 2017

Last Wednesday Pat Sloan posted the layout for her Grandma’s Kitchen block of the week quilt.  I’ve started working on adding the fillers and sewing the rows together.  So far I only have the first row completed but it’s up on my design wall and hopefully I’ll get more of it completed before the next block gets released on Wednesday.


I’m introducing a new white on white, a textured black and a funky grey to the mix. 

In the mean time I completed a quilt top while at a retreat last week. 


It’s in the process of being quilted so it will be a while before it gets the binding added and ready to be given as a gift.  More about that later.

Hope you have a great week…………………………..until next time,



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  1. Very striking with the bold black and white elements! Did you design that pattern? It's really neat!


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