Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jackson William Cardona–Born January 3, 2017

This past week this little cutie received a quilt I made for him.  Although it’s a simple quilt made with large pieces, it’s made from very soft warm flannel and has a very cute animal theme. 

Jackson CardonaThis is little Jackson William Cardona, the great grandson of my husband’s brother, the grandson of my husband’s niece Elizabeth and the son of his great niece Joanie.  Joanie is a special girl that has always been a special part of our annual New York trips.  (BTW, she is a great cook, Yum, Yum!)

As usual, Vivs of Bear’s Quilt Shop did a wonderful job quilting with a perfect motif but also a great job with the label.


Can you see the cute elephant and giraffe?  There was also a very cute lion quilted throughout the quilt. 


Here’s the label that Vivs embroidered on the back of the quilt.  January 3th was the day Jackson was born, there for his “Birth Day” and from now on he’ll have birthdays.  Get it????? I thought it was very clever but then again ????????maybe I’m the only one. 



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  1. I love it Robin! it is very special. I love how Vivs quilted it!!


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