Monday, September 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday–September 12, 2016

This is kind of a silly thing to show, but it’s actually the only sewing that I’ve done lately.



In case you can’t tell, it a cover for my new little featherweight, Rosie.  You remember Rosie, don’t you?


She’s so shiny and pretty that she needed her own cover.  The Day of the Dead pattern seemed perfect for her. 

Can you guess what it’s made out of????? I bet you can’t……….

I was at the 99 Cent Store and they have all their Halloween stuff (including Day of the Dead) stuff out.  Here’s what I found.


I bought 3 of them for 99 cents each.  I sewed two together at the top to make it big enough and then added ribbon ties to the sides.  It’s a little cushy so it will help protect Rosie when she’s packed for a retreat.  The funny thing about this is I was planning on making a simple cover but was having trouble deciding what fabric to use.  When I saw these dish drying mats I knew that they were perfect.

Check out my new little table. 


It’s perfect for a sewing machine table.  It’s a little lower than normal desk height so my machine sits a little lower as it would if set down in a regular sewing machine table. It also has a side panel that you can raise to give you room to the left of your machine. 


And, it’s on wheels so I can simply roll it into the dining room when I have friends over to sew.  I’m planning on painting it soon, probably a sea foam blue.  Once again I can be dangerous with a spray can of paint in my hands. 

BTW……………………the best part?????? I paid $7.99 for the table at my local Goodwill store.  I love the Goodwill store.

Until next time…………………….check out Judy’s Patchwork Times blog for other design walls. 




  1. Great find on the table and I think it will look terrific painted! Also a great idea to have a rolling little table for when friends are over. Rosie is too adorable!

  2. Love your little Rosie! It looks almost exactly like my cream-colored Featherweight I bought around 1967. It's still a great machine. And your little table is perfect! :-)


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