Monday, August 8, 2016

Facebook Page Feed–New Baby in the House (A Featherweight)

I normally have an automatic feed from my blog to my RQe Facebook page, but it recently had a problem and quit working.  I think I’ve fixed it so this will be my test. 

I wanted to share my new (to me) baby.  It’s an old Singer featherweight that was made the same year I was born.  It arrived last week and although it worked it was sluggish and needed a good cleaning, oil and grease.  After spending sometime working on it (and watching YouTube videos) it’s running smoothly and creating a great stitch. 


The cosmetic condition isn’t great so I’d like to get her refurbished and painted in a great dark red along with new decals.  I’m on a wait list for someone in the mid west for 2017 but would love to find someone on the west coast that can do this for me.  Any suggestion or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 



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