Monday, April 21, 2014

Design Wall Monday–April 21, 2014

It doesn’t look like there is much going on here but I’ve been busier than it looks.


I made one more split blade Dresden block, sewed it together and added the center circle. And then I made month 9 of my Amish with a Twist II.  I’ll make month 10 today. 

What you don’t see is the two round robin’s I’m participating in.  The first one was for my friend Sue who is part of my Wednesday Wacko friendship group.  We are doing a round robin that started with a 12” block and will eventually get 11 rounds added to it.  I was the third round on Sue’s so it’s now ready to hand over to Terri for the 4th round.  The second round robin is one my guild is facilitating.  For that one the block was a rectangle and I added the first round of five.   Both of these are to be kept secret until the unveiling.  I’ve taken before and after pictures and will eventually share them here. 

To see what others are working on, head on over to Judy’s blog



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  1. You have been busy. Round robins can be so great. Two of my favorite quilts that come out regularly are robins. One is a row robin and the other is a round robin. The dresden plate looks fabulous.


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