Friday, August 3, 2012

More Great Granny Blocks

I’ve have two more blocks finished. 



I’ve got two more blocks prepped but I decided I needed to have design boards to help me deal with all the pieces.  I followed this tutorial from the Bee in My Bonnet blog to make a couple of cute design boards. 


I made them pretty big to be able to handle the Great Granny Blocks before they are sewn together, I think next time I’ll make a few a little smaller.  Now it’s back to my sewing studio to make a couple of more blocks.  They are sooooooooo addicting.




  1. Ooo, looking good! I do like the busy prints you have chosen, and the solid red block in the center gives your eye a cool spot to rest!

  2. Pat B. made me a small design board and I use it all the time


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