Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where There’s a Need…………

A few weeks ago while getting ready to head to Las Vegas for my yearly week long sewing with the “Vegas Strippers”, I was having trouble wrangling all my rulers that I wanted to take.  I had all different sizes, big square rulers, a large 22” wide shape cutter, a 24” x 8” ruler and a variety of smaller rulers.  At the time I stuffed them into a plastic bag but that didn’t really work out well.  Along with the rulers I had various cutting boards one of which is about 24” x 18” which is a really great size since it works with all my various size rulers.  Oh, and while I was at it I had a couple of large ironing pads that I was taking.  Soooooo, there definitely was a need to make something that would handle this in the future.  I love what I came up with.


Here’s the front of the multipurpose bag.  I used pre-quilted fabric that I had in my stash. 


The back of the bag is my new ironing surface.  I use canvas on my big board ironing board as well as a covered TV tray that I sometime use.  I learned the canvas trick from Sharon Schamber many years ago so of course the back of the bag is canvas.  Under the canvas I have a layer of some kind of batting that is used for potholders as well a piece of Timtex to help it maintain it’s shape. 

To give you some since of how big the ironing surface is, here’s a picture with my big Rowenta sitting on it.


Originally I wasn’t going to put any pockets inside but at the last minute I decided to add one that I could put my rotary cutter in.  Other than that I carry all my other notions in a Art Bin plastic case that I always keep packed.


So at last I have a way to coral all my rulers when heading out.  I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of my new bag. 

I was thinking about a tutorial but now I’m thinking that it really isn’t necessary. 



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  1. Such a clever idea...may need to copy you on this one :-)


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