Thursday, January 19, 2012

Road to California–Day 1

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with my friends Pam, Pat and Terri.  We took a Snippets class from Cindy Walter.  Cindy was a wonderful teacher, making sure she spent time with each and every student.  I decided to make a simple Christmas wreath.  She described mine as delicate (hum) I tend to cut skinny snippets.  I’m not sure it’s delicate or if I actually made a chili pepper wreath without intending to.  Whichever, I like how it’s coming along.


Today is a “no class” day for me.  I plan on walking the show and viewing the quilts.  I have a short list of things I’m looking for but………..NO FABRIC!




  1. I think you made a very nice chili wreath. I really like it and it can come live at my house anytime. Have fun and good luck on no fabric.

  2. That was my first thought...what a pretty chili pepper wreath! It really is lovely! :0)

  3. I totally thought of chili peppers and was certain it was your original intent. I say "delicate, schmellicate", it looks good to me!

  4. I love your snippets.....must have been a fun class!


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