Monday, May 21, 2018

Gertie Is Under My Needle

I didn’t get a chance to work on Gertie yesterday but this morning she (and I) have found our way into my sewing room and is now under the needle of my beloved Juki.  IMG_0420

This is where I just get to scribble quilt all the glued down pieces.  Her left eye is done and I’m now starting to work on her right eye. 

This is a fun process but you do tend to make a mess.  Here is some of the left over mess that’s on my sofa.  It’s time to clean up or start another project.  I think I better clean up, I have too many other things that need attention. 


This is where I sat with my basket of scraps and cut out lots of flowers from various fabrics.  Once cut out you just start adding them to you project and when you think you are done, you start gluing them down using a washable school glue stick.  The idea is to glue them down just enough to be able to top stitch quilt everything in place.

Here she is again, right before I pulled her down off the wall and placed her under my sewing machine needle.


Soon I’ll start thinking about binding (I guess that means I’m already thinking about it).  A nice stripe would be good, don’t you think?



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