Thursday, June 29, 2017

Using Up Scraps

I still have a bunch of this very old pieced blue fabric that I made many years ago.  I think I originally was going to make a jacket out of it but that never happened.  Every once in a while I pull it out and use if for something.  A few years ago I make a shopping basket using it and when I stumbled across it again this week I decided why not make a Cell Phone/Tablet stand out of it.  In order to use up some smaller pieces I pieced it together so it has an extra seam in it but what the heck it’s just a Cell Phone/Tablet stand, who says it needs to be perfect.
Here it is with my mini-iPad sitting on it. 
Don’t forget I have a link to the tutorial over there on the right.  Check it out.  It doesn’t take long to make one for yourself, friends or family. 

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