Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Fun Day Shop Hopping

Yesterday was a wonderful day hanging out with my BFF Marilyn and visiting 8 fabulous quilt stores in North Orange County.  Twice a year many of the local shop join together to have a mini shop hop.  So of course twice a year we take off and spend the day hopping from one shop to the next.  The great thing is that it’s doable in one day and includes time for lunch. 

Here’s my haul . . . . . . .


-  It’s hard to see any detail but I collected nine WOW fat quarters.  I’d like to think I’m going to have time to make a logo banner quilt before spring market and those will be used for the background. 

-  A really cute jelly roll that I bought just because it was really cute and it was 25% off.

-  A spool of red thread.  A person can always use red thread and it was on sale for 25% off.

-  Ric Rac -  One of the shops had a really cute flower made from rick rack and I also want to make an apron and decorate it with ric rac. 

-  A cookie cutter in the shape of California (this will be a gift).

- A new 7” x 24” ruler.  My old one broke and could now be used as a weapon.  This one is made by Nifty Notions and is one of my favorites.  It is really accurate.  The only problem is that it doesn’t have a non-slip back like some of the others. 

-  A package of TrueGrips to adhere to the back of the ruler.  I like these better than the sand paper ones.  These are clear so they don’t interfere with the markings on the ruler. 

Not bad for a day of shopping and it didn’t ever rain on us, YEA!!! 

My sewing room is a mess so hopefully today will be spent alternating between sewing and cleaning. 



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  1. I'd say a GREAT DAY SHOPPING! Friend and all!


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