Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mini Shop Hop

Yesterday Marilyn and I went on a Mini Shop Hop. We decided we needed to support the local economy and what better way to do it than visit 7 quilt shops and 1 fabric store.
Each of the shops passed out 5 charm squares and a pattern utilizing charms. Each shop kind of did they're own thing with they're own fabric so nothing really went together. In fact onw shop passed out a fat quarter instead of the charm squares but that was fine by me.
Marilyn and I had each decided to collect Amy Butler fabric. I want to make a quilt just for me since most of the time I am making something for "Two Wacky Women", my business with my partner Marilyn. We were both surprised to find very little Amy Butler fabric out there. In fact only one of the quilt shops had any, but thank goodness M&L Fabric Store had a bunch. I bought enough to make a "Wacky Devine Nine" quilt just for me.
The other fabric in the picture is coffee fabric to make a new pillowcase for my husband and candy and chocolate chip fabric for a new pillowcase for me. I also found some cute sewing fabric that I will probably use to make Christmas gifts for my friendship group.
At the bottom of the picture is the charm squares I received. There's only 5 plus the fat quarter, somehow I must of misplaced a package of charm squares. Oh well, no biggie.

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