Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday–February 13, 2012

Well this isn’t exactly on my design wall now, or for that matter my design floor, but it’s the only thing I’ve worked on lately. 


This hearts and hands quilt was made for a my friend Sue who’s husband recently pass away quite suddenly.  My friendship group came together to each make blocks and then we worked on it as a group to set the blocks and piece them together.  I then added the borders.  It no longer is on my floor but at my friend Teri’s house being quilted.  Hopefully we’ll have it finished and ready to be given to Sue this Wednesday night.  We’re hoping this will bring her a small amount of comfort.

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  1. I am sure she will appreciate it. It is beautiful.

  2. I'm sure Sue will feel the love sewn into each block. She has very thoughtful friends.

  3. What a lovely gesture to make your friend feel better. This is a wonderful quilt and I'm sure she'll very much appreciate it.

  4. Love your quilt. Your friend is a very lucky person.


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