Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sue’s Letty’s Bag

My friend Sue Salinger works at Timeless Quilts in Anaheim.  Timeless is a cute little shop located very close to Disneyland.  Sue not only works there, she teaches there and also has her long-arm business there. 

Last night Sue brought a “Letty’s Bag” that she made to our weekly friendship group meeting.  This is a shop/class sample that she just finished.  Isn’t it the cutest thing? 


Here it is so you can see the strap.  She used Bronze grommets. 


Love the inside.  The light color lining and the contrast makes it easy to find things.


Here’s a close-up.  Perfect button!

Sue is a wonderful teacher.  She will be teaching a one-day class for the bag.  Give her a call at  714-520-5304 find out the schedule.

Timeless now carries the pattern if you’re in the area or, of course, you can order it from the Two Wacky Women website.



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