Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teaching Kids to Quilt

For several years I taught young children to quilt.  The classes were a week long but just half days.  We did various projects but one of their favorites was an Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day log cabin.  Eleanor has a lot of books that are wonderful but her good old log cabin book is still one of the best for a beginner, particularly children. 

The children did just about everything.  I encouraged the parents (particularly grandmas like me) to let the kids pick out their own fabric.  They sometimes put some unique fabrics and colors together but unless they pick the fabrics themselves, it’s never really entirely their quilt.  The only thing I didn’t let them do was to rotary cut.  I asked that they come with their fabrics precut into strips and if any rotary cutting was needed while at class, I did it.  Other than that they sewed, ironed and trimmed with scissors.  We did a quick turn and tied the quilts, just like Eleanor teaches in the book.  By the end of the week they would leave, wrapped up in a finished quilt (even though it would be 95 degrees outside, they didn’t seem to care). 

Both my granddaughters make their first quilt at a young age.  This is Emily’s that she made many years ago.  This morning when my daughter Shelli dropped Em off, she had her quilt with her to take with her while on vacation with a friend.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing a picture of Emily’s first quilt and check out that plaid flannel back.  You can tell this quilt is well loved.

Emilys log cabin Emilys log cabin back Emily always refuses to pose for me so here’s a picture of her taken last weekend.  She’s the goal keeper so she’s the blond that’s dressed different than the others.

girls jump

Cute picture girls.



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